is a wooden and steel turkish motor sailing vessel, the modern version of the ancient cargo bearing craft which used to trade along the coast of Turkey. The original design has evolved into a comfortable cruising vessel.
Bodrum is the most prominent gulet building center in Turkey. Gulets which were built in Bodrum shipyards are very stylish, very comfortable and very durable, as the craftmanship of Bodrum shipyard is the best.
In addition to gulet building, in recent years other types of yachts such as modern sailing yachts and motoryachts are built in Bodrum Shipyards.
We build new gulets and sailing yachts, do refit & maintenance works at our shipyard in Bodrum. If you are planning to have a gulet / sailing yacht built, OR, if you like to have your yacht refitted or just routine maintenance, OR , if you like to purchase a second hand gulet, please contact us.